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here’s to the state

April 21, 2010


so life has been an internal whirlwind as of lately…a whirling dervish of self-evaluation and discovery, if you will.  honestly, i could give a crap if you will.  but i did. first and foremost, i’d like to get on the loudspeaker and request a mop and bucket for a cleanup on aisle five: i’ve discovered […]

tis but a flesh wound

April 6, 2010


so it’s been a good long while and a lot has gone on since then…sort of.  well, not necessarily “things,” but more of a general shift in the direction and goals of my life. first and foremost, i haven’t given up on running.  i have, however, changed directions in terms of how i’m taking care […]

back from mrsabbatical…sort of

August 4, 2009


i’d apologize for my extended absence from updating, but i feel as though my reader(s) fall into one of three categories: 1. you don’t care 2. you don’t exist 3. you don’t warrant an apology all of this, of course, is based on a major assumption involving the number of readers.  but on to the […]

medically induced coma

July 12, 2009


so it’s been a while since my last update, which i would apologize for, but i’m honestly not sorry.  and do the three people (myself included) who follow this blog really need an apology?  if you feel slighted, maybe it’s time to put on your big boy pants, rub some dirt on it, walk it […]

gallop pole: sanford nails foreign relations

June 24, 2009


first: the run.  last wednesday was 2.33 miles, tonight a difficult 2.2809 miles.  much like governor sanford, my running took the week off and was nowhere to be found.  at first it said it was trying to avoid the triple digit heat, then a staff member reported that my running was spending some time on […]

fear and loathing in g-vegas

June 15, 2009


as always, tonight’s run: 2.3219 miles.  mixed reviews, to say the least.  i went up to the new timing interval in my training program, which, of course, wasn’t as easy as the first.  no big deal.  i started off well and actually managed to get into a groove by the third interval and was cruising […]

the contest was not rigged

June 11, 2009


my wife just pointed out that, while i’ll declared leroy the official unofficial winner of my “suggest a song” post, there was only one comment responding to that post on my blog.  as an attorney, i can assure you that the non-contest contest was conducted with the utmost integrity.  callers were allowed to text their […]