tis but a flesh wound

Posted on April 6, 2010


so it’s been a good long while and a lot has gone on since then…sort of.  well, not necessarily “things,” but more of a general shift in the direction and goals of my life.

first and foremost, i haven’t given up on running.  i have, however, changed directions in terms of how i’m taking care of myself.  before, i was the fat kid who bought into the “running is cool/deep/free” thing and, well, got into running.  then i kept getting sidelined by mrsa.  so i never really fell into a good groove of running; i’d hit about a 5 week mark, then i’d be back in the doctor’s office or emergency room being cut open and given drugs that i’m allergic to.  to be quite frank, running for running’s sake sucked.  yes, i felt good, but i definitely didn’t look forward to running once i got home from work.  running became the shock and awe to my george bush: i’d come up with any excuse necessary and, at the end of the day, my mizunos served as the “mission accomplished” banner on the sunroom floor.  but i had an exit strategy: momentum shift. that, and running didn’t try to assassinate my dad.

i turned my time and effort into things that i consider to be real hobbies.  i’ve taken up (in a very loose sense) wood working, and have thus far build a china hutch for our dining room and a raised garden bed in our backyard (inspired both by our love of growing our own food and in defense of food – highly recommended) – which has led us to growing a wide variety of our own food already this spring, including 3 types of lettuce, 3 types of tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, shallots, cucumbers, squash, and more herbs than bonnaroo.  for details on both, check out splendidminta – complete with pictures.  so it’s been nice to put my efforts into something that has been quantifiably productive, and will continue to be so.  plus i get to spend time in the man cave/garage/tall crawlspace playing with saws, nail guns, and the like.

secondly, and more reflective of the momentum shift, we’ve joined a gold’s gym.  i know, i know, i was rather skeptical at first – i pictured a bunch of 40-something men named vinny and skip, clothed in bike shorts and loose tank-tops tucked into leather weightlifting belts, screaming at each other in an ironically homoerotic manner. that, or i’d be thrown in a nightmarish combination of the retarded lovechild of jersey shore meets blue collar comedy tour

i'm buying a tivo just for jersey shore.

– but i was pleasantly surprised.  and i’ve enjoyed it thoroughly, both in the routine i’ve fallen into and the way i feel.  so my plan is to do the whole weight training and throw the running in with it, which has definitely helped to eradicate the monotony of running.  and i don’t have to deal with the crap roads in columbia, which feature potholes “fixed” by placing a cone in them and the most retarded drivers in the world.

i’ve still got goals of running in some races, but i’m taking a different path – changing the way i do everything, taking a more holistic approach.  but don’t worry, while i support local farming, have cut down on meat, and prefer to grown my own food when possible, i’m not a hippie – i still work for the federal government, i bathe regularly, and i can’t stand the smell of patchouli.  burnouts.

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