gallop pole: sanford nails foreign relations

Posted on June 24, 2009


first: the run.  last wednesday was 2.33 miles, tonight a difficult 2.2809 miles.  much like governor sanford, my running took the week off and was nowhere to be found.  at first it said it was trying to avoid the triple digit heat, then a staff member reported that my running was spending some time on the couchalachian trail.  i caught up with my run earlier this morning and it replied: “i was driving along the coast of I-20.”  later this afternoon, my run had a press conference, admitting to a sordid affair with a bag of doritos and guitar hero III: legends of rock.  when pressed for details, my run simply commented, “it started out as a dear, dear friendship between doritos and i.  but, as these things often do, it spiraled out of control and i soon found myself unable to keep my hand out of the bag.  i’m ashamed for my actions.  all i can do is ask the for forgiveness from the good people at mizuno and timex.  i’ve let you down.”  my running had spent the past month preaching the sanctity of fitness and the institution of pavement pounding…but it was secretly gallavanting about the living room with one hand on a $200 asian “entertainment system” and the other screaming “muy caliente!” itching for that next dorito fix.  needless to say, a special thanks to the guv’nah is due: south carolina hasn’t had enough recent bad press…except for our failing educational system and economy, sky high unemployment, inability to take stimulus funds, ms. south carolina can’t find the iraq on a map, and the little road bump some people have called “slavery.”  no big deal.

and you thought i screwed up when i picked palan...

and you thought i screwed up when i picked palan...

so, tonight i kicked it back into gear.  and i most certainly paid for it.  but in all honesty, i had taken about a week off for various reasons: it was in the triple digits here from thursday through sunday, and i felt like giving my knee a little rest after the pain of the last run.  tonight’s run was difficult, to say the least, but i think it was more than just the weeklong staycation at hedonism.  i decided to run a different route tonight in hopes of finding a more level surface and saving my knees and ankes the anguish of the gutters and crowns.  while i did find a flatter surface, the elevation provided a much larger challenge.  according to gmap pedometer, the elevation on this run was not only more uphill overall, it also provided steeper inclines and a higher benchmark.  it also didn’t feature as much of a sloping downhill for the middle portion of the run.  yes, my legs certainly feel the burn, corroborating the infallible evidence provided by the internets.  but i think i’m going to keep this route for the time being…beyond the fact that it saves some stress on my ankles and knees, i think it has a psychological advantage as well – there are many more turns and cross streets, making me feel like i’ve run farther and it’s in a closer proximity to home, making me feel like the end is always in sight.

i’ve also made an executive decision as far as the runner’s world 8-week training program is concerned: i’m going to modify it to suit my needs and abilities.  while technically i am “training” to run in some races, i’m not running for any set time goal during these races.  rather, i see them as something fun to do while serving as an accomplishment throughout my running.  furthermore, i don’t want to run the races and then stop – i want running to become more than a habit.  i’d like it to become a part of my daily life.  so whether i’m only running the pitiful 2+ miles i am now, or i’m hitting over 100 miles a week like my brother and sister-in-law, i don’t want to quit.  and it’s fun to be doing all of this with my wife at the same time – we run at the same time, but not the same routes or intervals.  it’s actually quite nice, as we randomly pass each other and do the whole “i’d better look like this is easy while i’m passing him/her, that way i don’t look like i’m about to drop dead,” all the while thinking “my god, he/she looks like this is nothing…i can’t show any sign of weakness.”  sick, but it works.  and, in the end, we always seem to time it so that we run the last 3-5 minutes together, which is also nice…not only in a “aww, that’s so cute it makes me want to punch you” kind of way, but also because she carries the house key when we run and i don’t want to be waiting around for her to let me back in the house.

random thought: today at work, i decided to take a mental break from digging through medical records from world war II and reading court opinions.  somehow, morgan freeman’s line from shawshank redemption when he first sees tim robbins (“i’ll take the tall drink of water”) got stuck in my head.  then i got to thinking, if it had been me instead of tim robbins, would he have said “i’ll take the husky chug of schlitz” instead?  who knows.  i think i just like to imagine him or james earl jones narrating my life in my head, so as long as i keep coming up with things for them to say, i’m fine…as long as the voices stay in my head.

and finally, to round up this post, the wife and i have been getting more serious about the house search.  we’ve narrowed it down to a small town northeast of cola.  it’s got everything we want: it’s quiet, but not too quiet, beautiful historic homes (without the 70s low roof line that seems so popular here), a well-preserved downtown area reminscent of main street in greenville, great schools, and tons of parks, all within walking distance.  as we both said independently, it just feels like home there.  another nice feature is that it would be only about an hour drive from the brother and sister-in-law’s place, 45 easy minutes on the highway to work, and there’s the south carolina version of the kentucky derby once a year, so i can get all dressed up, get drunk, and, for once, not be called an alcoholic piece of white trash. sweet.  but, until our lease is up on the rental house (we found out that we can’t qualify for the 1st time home buyer tax refund since she owned a house in the past three years), it’s a mexican standoff between us and moving home.

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