the contest was not rigged

Posted on June 11, 2009


my wife just pointed out that, while i’ll declared leroy the official unofficial winner of my “suggest a song” post, there was only one comment responding to that post on my blog.  as an attorney, i can assure you that the non-contest contest was conducted with the utmost integrity.  callers were allowed to text their vote only once for this year’s idol.

also, there were suggestions on my facebook wall as well and those were given equal consideration…but when one of them was an npr podcast (which i listen to at work), there wasn’t much in the way of a run-off.  to be perfectly honest,  no one could have overcome the trifecta of leroy, the miami sound machine, and awful submissions.  sorry.

to leroy: your prize package, consisting of a sweaty sock with a hole in the large toe area, a half-eaten bag of stale pretzels and a copy of my training video, “from fat to not quite as fat…i think…wait, did i gain weight?  what the hell?” should be arriving in 4-6 weeks.  and you owe me shipping.

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